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Allow me to introduce you to Fiona Diamonds. They are absolutely gorgeous and guess what? They were cultured in a controlled environment and are cruelty-free diamonds. Moissanite earrings to be exact. Whether I dress then up or down, they “Shine Responsibly”. I support Fiona’s cause to rescuing children from mining and saving the environment as they donate 5% of there profits to do so. These are the perfect gift idea for any holiday. Fiona has a wide variety of unique styles and custom designs. Fiona’s customer service is very professional. They are guaranteed to never lose their optical properties and cost 1/10th the cost of a diamond. Lab grown diamonds, ARE REAL diamonds and Fiona is changing the game. Visit fionadiamonds website (click here)  and gift a set for that special someone. Make sure to use Coupon Code: SONI10 at checkout to receive 10% off your order. #shineresponsibly #thenewforever #fionadiamonds#labgrowndiamonds

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